Creative kindness
Members of Creative Kindness meet together and make various simple crafts with positive messages and encouraging words. Every last Saturday of the month from 2 to 4 PM you can take part in such an inspirational activity, make new friends and brighten somebody’s day. After you make your crafts, you can give them out to friends or strangers.

A coffee and A chat breakfast
Every day we have an opportunity to do something as an act of kindness and make the world a happier place. Even small acts of kindness can improve somebody’s day. Ziferblat is a place where you feel loved and accepted and we are happy to become part of the Creative Kindness event.

Creative Kindness is a community-based craft group aiming to tackle loneliness and isolation. Nowadays lots of us feel lost and lonely, and Creative Kindness helps us to deal with these feelings.

Simply come to Ziferblat at 2 PM on the Saturday of the month and meet members of Creative Kindness there. They will provide you with materials and company. The event itself is free, you pay only the usual Z time fee, which covers unlimited snacks and drinks. The ticket is the pre-pay for two hours of Ziferblat time: we need you to buy it in advance, so we are aware of the numbers.

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