Language and culture exchange club
Coventry is an ethnically diverse city, with around one-third of the population from minority ethnic groups compared to 20% for England as a whole. Language and Culture Exchange Club is a unique opportunity to meet and converse with people of other language backgrounds and cultures.
The first meetings of the club take place every other Wednesday at 17.30

The host of the event
The host of the event is Mariam, a creative designer. Mariam comes from a multicultural background and speaks four languages: Arabic, English, Oromo and Urdu.

Language and culture exchange club

The goal is to create a friendly environment where everyone can have fun, experience new cultures, meet like-minded people — all while learning the basics of other languages. You’ll learn about cultural differences in how people greet, support each other, what is okay to say and what is not. Such things are much easier to learn from the representatives of other cultures themselves, you cannot google it.

If you’re English you can join us too since there’re so many people in Coventry from other cultures who want to understand English culture better

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