Latin American Dances

The classes are suitable for all ages and genders and don’t require any previous experience. Even if you have never danced at all, don't hesitate to take a step out of your comfort zone and try it out at Ziferblat with the help of an experienced dancer: Tatyana.
Every other Wednesday, 19:00

Salsa for begginers
Many people want to try dancing but are afraid to go to dance classes, not to mention parties and socials.

Latin American Dances for Newbies are aimed at mastering dance moves which are the same for many Latin American dance types.

When you master your dance moves, you feel more confident and comfortable in your own body.

Dance classes will help you:
· learn the basic and essential moves
· move to the beat
· feel the music
· implement the moves into your dancing wherever you go
· enjoy the way you dance and impress your friends

Because the class is for absolute beginners, each person will be learning the movements solo: you don't need a partner to dance with. But anyways you would be welcome to come together: it would be a lot of fun to practise later together at home :D
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