Linocut prints workshop
At the workshop you will learn how to design, carve and print your own unique linocut print. With the hands-on instructions and step-by-step guides you’ll learn basic cutting techniques using linocut tools. You’ll be able to create your own templates and make linocut prints that you can frame or make into cards.
The workshop is hands-on, creative and very informative. You’ll learn new skills, have lots of fun and, of course, create something unique!
Linocut prints workshop
The workshop begins with an introduction to linocut, everyone is taught how to use the carving tools and the basic cutting techniques.

Next, you will spend time composing your design and learning how to reverse draw (Mirror Image) your sketch onto the Lino before carving. You will be shown how to ink your Lino block and how to burnish prints by hand.

The workshop will be held for 4 hours but we will have a 15 min break in between. However, you are free to leave early if needed.

It’s about having fun and enjoying the process of creating something with your hands. Linocut prints make great personal gifts or cards for friends and family. A homemade card and handwritten note bring so much joy and brighten someone's day.

Complete beginners are welcome!

Price: £20, which includes all the materials, 4h work of the instructor, plus 4h of unlimited drinks and cookies
Time: 14:00 - 18:00
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