There are several yoga studios in Coventry, but the Ziferblat yoga experience is different because of smaller groups and intenser concentration on meditation and yoga philosophy.
Classes take place every Sunday at 12:00
Morning yoga

Yoga + meditation + philosophical discussion + unlimited drinks (coffees, herb teas, and cold drinks).
The session is light and relaxing, something that you need to start a new day.

Let us introduce you to our new instructor, Ivy: 

"I discovered yoga in my late 30s when I felt the pressure of my job became too much and I was looking for a form of stress relief and to get active again. The yoga classes which I attended were led by a very inspiring teacher and I loved her classes. I would go twice a week and it made a huge difference to my well-being, my lower back pain and the way I felt. I believe she ignited my passion for yoga and despite her moving away, I kept attending various classes over the last few years. During the lockdown, I practised every day this helped me to keep toned but most of all kept me mentally stimulated. I currently teach at a local college and I like sharing my passions with others especially if I know it will help them in various ways. Therefore I enrolled on a Yoga Teachers Training course in April 2021 and I received my diploma in June 2022. Yes, you could say I’m freshly qualified but I have been practising yoga for many years."

All levels are welcome! Please, bring your own yoga mat.

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