It’s a coffee shop…
it’s a coworking space…
it’s Ziferblat!
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With a weekly or monthly pass, you get unlimited time in Ziferblat together with our marvellous drinks and snacks. What is more, the passes provide large discounts on all of our events and even make some of them absolutely free.

Ziferblat is much more than a traditional cafe.
We are an Anti Cafe: a coffee house, co-working space and cultural venue all in one, that operates on a unique pay only for time model. When you visit us, you will enjoy bottomless coffees and teas crafted by our baristas, while experiencing a space designed to promote well-being, mindfulness and creativity.

Ziferblat is the perfect place to work, study and hang-out. There are plenty of charging points and fast WiFi for your convenience.

We host regular community cultural events, which you can check out here.
We offer room rentals too! Use our creatively designed spaces for you next meeting or presentation. Room rentals are charged on a per-hour basis, and unlimited coffees and teas are included with all rentals.
Experience the Ziferblat vibe.
Peep Inside
Bottomless coffee, tea & snacks ☕️
Enjoy unlimited coffees, teas and snacks while you spend time in Ziferblat. Try one of the best coffees in Coventry, freshly grounded and prepared by your barista into your favourite drinks. Be spoilt for choice choosing from our huge selection of teas, including loose-leaf and the many funky flavours such as Forrest and Berries. And don't miss out on whatever special drink we might be preparing on the day: Café Glacé, Chai Latte... our baristas are always creating.
Pay for time, and nothing else 😌
At a traditional café, those cups of coffee sure rack up a bill quickly! At Ziferblat, you don't have to restrain yourself just for another cuppa. With our unique pay-as-you-go model, your first hour will only cost £4.80, and every hour thereafter £3.00. Plus, we work out your time based on minutes, instead of hours, so your cost is always fairly calculated, and we even offer a daily cap: the clock stops after 4 hours, so for £13.80 you get to chill out at Z for the entire rest of the day!
Your crib to work, study & hang out 🌈
We get it: it's nice to work from home in your pyjamas, but sometimes we all need a change of scene to get the creative and productive juices flowing. Until now, you might have headed automatically to a big chain coffee shop, with its "brand identity", "designer decor", and the non-stop noise and hassle. At Ziferblat, we have created a space that's a bit different, an original space that allows you to feel both mindful and playful. At the same time, you can be sure that all the essentials, such as charging points and fast WiFi, are always at hand.
Perfect part of your day out ⭐️
If you are tired of ordinary days out and weekend activities, then Ziferblat could be the perfect addition your places to visit next. After-all, we are the first Anti Cafe of its kind, not just in England, but also the whole of Western Europe. We are conveniently located in Coventry city centre, on the historic Spon Street. Give us a visit, we will be glad to welcome you to the Z family!
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