Origami workshop
This easy and fun paper folding makes it perfect for all ages and abilities. So, the children are welcome.
You don’t need any experience or special materials.

The workshop is run at a pace suited to the participants so no one feels rushed. It’s a really relaxing experience.

See how a simple final fold suddenly brings the model to life and have an opportunity to share your creations with the rest of the group. Let your creativity shine out!

Origami teacher
«I started drawing when I was very young - probably as soon as I was able to hold a pencil. I liked to draw things that interested me.

I saw Star Wars when I was 8, and that was a huge influence and inspiration.

Much of the drawing process is observing, and understanding.
The bit where you make a mark on the paper is just the last bit.

I wanted to go into teaching, but couldn’t, so workshops are a way of showing people how to do arty things, but without the paperwork.

I provide paper, pencils, artist erasers, fine liners — everything you’d need to create cartoons & illustrations. People can obviously bring their own equipment, sketchbooks etc.

What I want to create is a collaborative space in which we can discuss ideas, swap art-hacks, and do fun arty things.»
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Ziferblat is the perfect place to work, study and hang-out. There are plenty of charging points and fast WiFi for your convenience.

We host regular community cultural events, which you can check out here.
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